The Heritage of the Lever 22 Pt. 2

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Winchester, in their post 64 manufacturing period, produced the Model 250 & 255 hammerless lever tube feed rifle. This gun met with mixed reviews and sales. Winchester eventually brought out the Model 9422 and Model 9422 Magnum, a beautiful Winchester lever rifle in many variations. According to a source at Winchester, the 9422 was produced at a loss for a few years by Winchester because of the design and machine work which didn’t adapt to computer programmed machinery. Manufactured from 1972-1995 the 9422 is very collectable.

Browning introduced the BL-22 in the late 1960’s. It is a short throw lever tube fed 22 LR with compact lines and is usually found in Grade I with standard wood and plain receiver and Grade II with checkered stock and machine engraved receiver. Other variations with silver receivers etc. do exist. The Brownings are still produced and are still popular today.

Henry Arms, in the last couple of decades, have brought back a reasonably priced 22 LR and 22 Magnum lever tube fed USA model rifle. It includes youth models, carbines, octagonal barrels, etc. For those of a nostalgia bent, Henry also makes the Yellow Boy which is an appealing 22 LR Lever salute to the original gun that started the lever craze.

Mossberg in the last decade introduced the Model 464 Series in 22 LR lever tube feed rifle. This has not been a big seller. The Uberti Co. owned by Beretta offers a ‘Silverboy’ Lever 22 LR tube feed rifle with very pleasant lines and is well manufactured.

With so many variations, makes, models, etc. in lever 22 rifles, it makes for a great item for the firearms enthusiast or collector to explore. So Buckaroo, saddle up and head into this very interesting frontier.

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Hot Shots for May 4

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HS Strut

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Federal 243 Win Ammunition

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The Heritage of the Lever 22 Pt.1

In WTSC by Wayne Goble

Lever Actions in North America have been part of our firearms heritage since settlers headed west and the RCMP carried their Winchester Model 1876 Muskets. Lever Action Rifles in 22 L.R. have always been of interest to the firearms enthusiast. The Marlin Model 39 22 L.R. and its predecessor, I believe, hold the record for continuous production. This is a reliable steel framed lever action walnut stocked rifle. Going back in history the Model 73 Winchester Lever was made in 22 R.F., although rare and expensive, it is an interesting piece. Marlin, as mentioned above, started with a series from 1892 which led up to the Model 39. Marlin also made the Model 57 Lever automatic with tube mag and the Model 56 with a clip magazine in the 1950’s and 60’s. Marlin also manufactured a Model 1894 M 22 Magunum tube fed lever in the 1980’s.

Remington only ever made one lever action centre-fire or rimfire rifle. The Nylon 76 22 L.R.. short throw Lever rifle with only about 27,000 manufactured between 1962 – 1964. The Mossberg Model 400 Palimino 22 LR hammerless tube fed lever produced in the early 1960s was not produced in large numbers either. Also, in the early 1960’s Noble Manufacturing made the Model 275 hammerless 22 LR tube fed lever rifle.

In addition, to throw in with the mix of 1960’s levers, there were firearms from Sears, Western Field, etc. which were manufactured by major arms companies to be sold under their branding. Ithaca had the Model 49 Lever which was a single shot Martini type carbine. Ithaca also made the Model 49 R Lever repeater which was not the most reliable, manufactured 1965-70. Ithaca also imported Model 72 saddle rifle in 22 LR & 22 mag which was produced by Erma in Germany. After Ithaca ran into financial problems the 72 was still imported as an Erma 712 in 22 LR and 22 Mag 1974-1997.

More to come.

Wayne Goble
Owner and President

Spring Product Update

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Spring is almost upon us. The sunny weather and light breezes will be calling us to the range, the fields and our favourite turkey hunting grounds.

So what’s new and interesting for our sortie into the great outdoors.

Remington hopes to ship their new V-3 12 gauge 3” semi-automatic in quantities that may result in Canadians seeing some. According to my sources, Remington parent company Freedom Group has discontinued Para Ordinance pistols, which most remember when they were Canadian made and were voted ‘Guns & Ammo’ and other publications’ gun of the year. Remington is also celebrating 200 years of firearms manufacturing with special edition firearms.



Weatherby has announced the new 6.5 – 300 Weatherby Magnum, the fastest 6.5 caliber made. Weatherby has made design changes on their MKV. The new Element Inertia semi-auto shotgun is being shipped by Weatherby along with their 12 gauge Orion O&U shotgun.


Hornaday has a new ELD-X bullet which has a new polymer heat shield tip and tapered jacket for more consistency at the long range. Hornady has also developed a heavy duty reloading press called the Iron Man.

SW22 Victory

S&W SW22 Victory

Midway thru the season Smith & Wesson had shipped their SD9VE pistol. Smith & Wesson has discontinued the Model 22A Series of 22 LR semi autos and have replaced them with the Victory series. The series featured 3 different models of semi auto 22 LR pistols. Smith & Wesson also offered a machine engraved 1911 45 ACP at a reasonable price.

Ruger has been delivering their Precision Bolt Action rifle in 243 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor and 308 Win. Like most companies they also have produced a new semi auto pistol the Ruger American in 9mm & 45ACP. Entry level priced pistol.

Leupold has revamped the Vari X-3 line to the new Vari X-3i series with improved glass.

Glock is making a new compact pistol with extended threaded barrel for Canada.

More to come.

Wayne Goble
Owner and President