The Heritage of the Lever 22 Pt. 2

In WTSC by Wayne Goble

Winchester, in their post 64 manufacturing period, produced the Model 250 & 255 hammerless lever tube feed rifle. This gun met with mixed reviews and sales. Winchester eventually brought out the Model 9422 and Model 9422 Magnum, a beautiful Winchester lever rifle in many variations. According to a source at Winchester, the 9422 was produced at a loss for a few years by Winchester because of the design and machine work which didn’t adapt to computer programmed machinery. Manufactured from 1972-1995 the 9422 is very collectable.

Browning introduced the BL-22 in the late 1960’s. It is a short throw lever tube fed 22 LR with compact lines and is usually found in Grade I with standard wood and plain receiver and Grade II with checkered stock and machine engraved receiver. Other variations with silver receivers etc. do exist. The Brownings are still produced and are still popular today.

Henry Arms, in the last couple of decades, have brought back a reasonably priced 22 LR and 22 Magnum lever tube fed USA model rifle. It includes youth models, carbines, octagonal barrels, etc. For those of a nostalgia bent, Henry also makes the Yellow Boy which is an appealing 22 LR Lever salute to the original gun that started the lever craze.

Mossberg in the last decade introduced the Model 464 Series in 22 LR lever tube feed rifle. This has not been a big seller. The Uberti Co. owned by Beretta offers a ‘Silverboy’ Lever 22 LR tube feed rifle with very pleasant lines and is well manufactured.

With so many variations, makes, models, etc. in lever 22 rifles, it makes for a great item for the firearms enthusiast or collector to explore. So Buckaroo, saddle up and head into this very interesting frontier.

Wayne Goble
President and Owner